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As an added benefit to our clients, we offer selected products for sale in our office.

Product Description Price

Using cryotherapy, Biofreeze relieves pain in sore muscles for up to several hours. Biofreeze is greaseless, stainless and has a vanishing scent. Helps relieve pain from: Sore Muscles and Muscle Sprains Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain Arthritis Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip and Elbow Joints Muscular Strains.

BioFreeze   $16.00


FORMULA 303 is a natural relief for: Muscle Spasms, Pulled Muscles, Tight Muscles, Leg Cramps, Backache, Headache, Back Sprain, PMS, Menstrual Cramps, Tension, Stress, Nervousness, Menopause, Insomnia, TMJ, Jaw Pain, Clenched Jaws EACH TABLET CONTAINS: 6 Parts Valerian Root (Quad Strength) 1x 3 Parts Passiflora (Quad-Strength) 1x 1 Part Magnesium Carbonate 1x 


Ice-Aid ice packs:

Cryotherapy (ice therapy) has been long-established and clinically proven aids to the treatment of most musculoskeletal injuries, or for low back pain or neck pain. Joint injury often involves secondary trauma to the surrounding soft tissue. This is where ICE-AID can assist your Chiropractor to reduce pain, decrease total disability time and improve long-term results. Used Cold, ICE-AID is primarily recommended for sprains, strains or bruises. 


$7 (regular)

$10 (large)

$12 (long)

Core Products Cervical Pillow:

This versatile foam pillow  provides support and help alleviate head and neck pain. The secret to the Double Core foam pillow's versatility lies in the second foam core, giving you two levels of neck support. Properly supporting your neck in its most natural position as you sleep helps re-establish the proper curvature of your neck. This in turn helps alleviate the symptoms of tension headaches neck muscle spasms and arthritis and eliminates the cause of snoring. The pillow preserves treatment benefits and ensures long-term health. The Double Core is made from high-quality precision-cut foam with two cores each with its own level of support which lets you choose the level of support that is right for you at any given time. Measures 22 16 (48 cm 36 cm). Removable pillowcase included.

Double Core Pillow image


Medic-Air Inflatable Back Cushion:

The patented design of this back pillow provides a custom fit to everyone's lordotic curve. Three interconnecting air chambers mold around and cradle the back giving firm yet tender pressure to relax back muscles. Comes with an adjustable elastic strap to provide secure positioning and is guaranteed for one full year. Product measures 18" x 15"

Medic-Air Back Cushion image $35.00

Posture Pump Model 1000 Cervical Disc Traction Hydrator:

For The Relief Of Neck And Low Back Pain. Cost effective, lightweight (3 lbs), portable, easy to operate and travel with, requires no assembly, no weights, cables or ropes to set-up. Free standing frame with attached components makes Posture Pump® user friendly. With neck centered over air cell, patient applies head restraint and inflates air cell by squeezing hand bulb to individual comfort level. Pressure is easily adjusted or eliminated by pressing release button. Automatic safety valve limits inflation at proven therapeutic level. 

Posture Pump 1000 image $185.00
The Posture Pump 2000 for the lower back:

The Posture pump Elliptical Rocker for the Lumbar spine (model 2000) carefully lifts and separates the back joints in a new way. The Posture Pump 2000's Unique expanding air cells angled into the spine activate the "bellows or sponge-like" function of the discs, producing a warm, relaxed feeling through the back. Posture Pump Elliptical Rockers' patented up and down motion reinforces the spine's natural shape and promotes joint lubrication, joint nutrition, flexibility and correct posture.